Scout’s Journey

For eons, it seems, the Star-Eater has ruled with an iron fist. In the dawn of time, his Scourge inquisitors locked up their last opponent and threw away the key, but in the end, what is lost may be found . . .

A rag-tag group of deserters are struggling to find their destiny. Their self-styled prophet is in league with the Scourge, but in the end, only sheep can be herded . . .

A young woman, a soldier lost behind enemy lines, finds her strength and becomes the Wayfinder, the catalyst for a struggle that transcends worlds.


  • First-person perspective.
  • Strong narrative involving several named characters across five factions.
  • Talking protagonist who can develop her skills, equipment etc. in order to evolve.
  • Several very large locations to explore.
  • Looting, quests, exchange and trade. Scavenge for supplies.
  • Platforming, wallrun, grappling hook etc.
  • Avoid combat or tilt the odds in your favour before engaging.
  • Crafting drugs, ammunition or magic items.
  • Problem solving, traps, obstacles and puzzles.
  • Psychic abilities…
  • Spiritual, soul searching theme.



Goddess Theme (WIP)
Esperanza’s Theme (WIP)
Scout’s Theme / Main Theme (WIP)
Naruuk’s Theme (WIP)
“Heroic” (WIP)
“Pretty” (WIP)
Swelling chords test
“Lydian Trance” (level ambience) (WIP)