New site is live

Welcome to!

This is the new default Scout’s Journey website. We have a lot more webspace here and a wealth of new tools.

If you’ve been following the old Scout’s Journey development blog, please update your bookmarks.

The site is still in migration, I aim to bring over the About page and some of the other stuff as well. I decided to generally keep the blog format (it works). The new hosting provides so much more to play with, though. I’ve got more control over how things are run, how the site looks, and what content I can post.

Maybe I should install a forum software.

Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “New site is live”

  1. Hi, I have been for the past couple of years now, very much enjoying reading about the status of Scout’s Journey.

    This has been via email updates. I guess because I had in the past either commented or subscribed. Either way, I’ve been really enjoying getting emails letting me know whenever you’ve updated. I hope this feature will continue!

    I’ve noticed just now that the comment form is in a mix of German and English. Looks a little odd. 🙂

    Forum? Not sure. Susceptible to spam, bots, not always the most SEO-friendly. Have you ever looked at Disqus? Might offer a similar feature-set to what you want, with much more flexibility.

    I look forward to watching the continuing progress of Scout’s Journey!

    1. Thank you for following our little journey (mine, Scout’s and the gang’s). The webhoster is in Germany, I’ll see if I can get everything to display in English. Will make sure the e-mail updates continue.

      I don’t know if it’s possible or desirable to port over all the user data from spawnhost, maybe not everybody who ever commented wants their personal data pushed around. I hope it’s easy enough to just enter your name and e-mail once again, users should only need to do this once.

      I’m currently working on porting the game itself over to Unreal, there are some challenges involving the Unreal Editor and Linux, which I hope to continue using. I’ll post videos when I get the first level running in Unreal.
      I’m sorry this is all taking so goddamn long, but I was quite ill during the last 4 years and my personal situation was impossible. Things are looking up though.

      Will look into Disqus. It seems to be a really cool thing.

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