Living without a guitar is a little like living without an arm, so after a year of abstinence I bought one. My main stuff is still in storage, but this will let me make music again at least. Which in turn, has a way of putting the mind into creative mode. Which is good.


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  1. Hey,
    Moon[Drunk] here!
    Good to see your still going forward with the game…
    Nice guitar! How does it sound and what about the shape, can you play without a strap?

    1. Hi Moon[Drunk]! Nice to see you around. The guitar is very small and light, it sounds surprisingly full for such a small instrument but can sound plucky (like a cross between guitar and banjo, or a Dobro) if one isn’t careful with the attack. It pretty much needs a strap to play just like a saxophone does… it’s easier to play when the strap is fastened at the headstock, but it does take some control to handle it right. Best to tuck the upper “horn” into or under the elbow. Definitely not a beginner guitar, most people would probably hate it. There is a good review on youtube here:

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