Here’s what’s new. I’ve been really busy with my comp sci studies recently. Improving all the time. I have little leeway for gamedev, but I want to get back into level design. To that end, I’ve been studying several games, for instance Rage and Crysis 2. Especially Rage (1) is very inspiring for a level designer when it comes to indoor environments and encounter design.

As you can see, I also have a recent version of Blender installed, and am getting to grips with the sweeping UI changes (which I like). I forgot a number of keyboard shortcuts, but it’s slowly coming back. Muscle memory is still working.

I’m debating whether to finish one of my shelved level projects, although it would probably take more time and energy than I would be happy to invest currently – I could always better spend the time on Scout’s Journey.

The coronavirus is making my life, just like everyone else’s, even crazier to manage. On the up side, I’ve settled in at my apartment and got all my gear up and running, something that for some reason also was a glacially slow process.

Now I’m flexing my Blender muscles – not too far from getting back into levels. I do need a bigger harddrive (Unreal eats a ton of space), a bigger monitor and a better keyboard, but, baby steps.

Still here and at it, though. Hope you’re all well. Keep it up.